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Sales Manager (Drilling & Completion Fluid) 貝克休斯(中國)油田技術服務有限公司 15000-25000元/月 收藏 投個簡歷
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Sales Manager (Drilling & Completion Fluid)

薪資: 15000-25000元/月 | 北京-北京 |5年以上經驗 |本科學歷
五險一金 綜合補貼 年終獎金 獎勵計劃 銷售獎金 休假制度 法定節假日
2022-03-18 更新被瀏覽:
收藏 推薦
1個月之內到崗 |年齡不限 |婚況不限
招聘1-2人 |2022年10月19日結束招聘

Would you like to help shape and implement our Drilling & Completion Fluid strategic direction?

Would you like to help shape and implement our Drilling & Completion Fluid strategic direction?

Are you a Sales Manager that is sales motivated to deliver?

Join our Drilling and Completions Fluids team

Our Drilling & Completion Fluid (DCF) business provides intelligent, connected technologies to support, monitor and control drilling processes. We provide innovative solutions across multiple geographies. Providing customers with the excellent solutions needed to reliably and efficiently improve their operations.

Partner with the best

As a Sales Manager, you'll be involved in customer facing and winning deals for Drilling & Completion Fluid Business. You are to develops sales plan for the China region, defining sales strategy for targeted clients.

As the Sales Manager, you will be responsible for:

Being responsible for sales generation, manage      sales cycle from quote to cash.

Handling products and systems requiring through      technical knowledge and knowledge of the environment where the products      and systems will be used. Sales processes require technical analysis and      adaptation to client conditions.

Managing complex sales processes requiring      involvement of many stakeholders both at the client side and internally.      Technical, economical, logistical and financial aspects are involved in      creating a proposal.

Handling important clients for DCF.

Cooperating with technical colleagues to answer      customer requests and discuss local conditions.

Handling all country sales aspect

Handling project that is assigned by supervisor

Fuel your passion

To be successful in this role you will:

Have knowledge on drilling and completion      fluids, preferably majored in chemical engineering or chemistry related.

Have minimum of 5 years sales and commercial      experience.

Have good English language proficiency (oral and      written).

Have good oral and written communication skills.      


Work in a way that works for you

We recognize that everyone is different and that the way in which people want to work and deliver at their best is different for everyone too. In this role, we can offer the following flexible working patterns:

  • For us flexibility works both ways, we work with global customers and have annual targets, so as long as we can respond and deliver to these we can offer a lot of flexibility in this role. Talk to us about your desired flexible working options when you apply

Working with us

Our people are at the heart of what we do at Baker Hughes. We know we are better when all of our people are developed, engaged and able to bring their whole authentic selves to work. We invest in the health and well-being of our workforce, train and reward talent and develop leaders at all levels to bring out the best in each other.

Working for you

Our inventions have revolutionized energy for over a century. But to keep going forward tomorrow, we know we have to push the boundaries today. We prioritize rewarding those who embrace change with a package that reflects how much we value their input.  Join us, and you can expect:

  • Contemporary work-life balance policies and wellbeing activities

  • Comprehensive private medical care options

  • Safety net of life insurance and disability programs

  • Tailored financial programs

  •  Additional elected or voluntary benefits

About Us

With operations in over 120 countries, we provide better solutions for our customers and richer opportunities for our people. As a leading partner to the energy industry, we’re committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and we’re always looking for the right people to help us get there. People who are as passionate as we are about making energy safer, cleaner and more efficient.

Join Us

Are you seeking an opportunity to make a real difference in a company with a global reach and exciting services and clients? Come join us and grow with a team of people who will energize and inspire you!

貝克休斯公司(Baker Hughes)是美國一家為全球石油開發和加工工業提供產品和服務的大型服務公司,2013年在美國500強企業福布斯排名135,銷售額214.1億美元,利潤13.11億美元。
公司前身是兩家歷史悠久的石油設備公司 Baker International 和 Hughes Tool Company。至2012年12月31日,公司共有員工5萬8千余人,其中約58%的員工在美國本土以外工作 [1]  ,公司營業范圍遍及世界80多個國家。該公司通過它的油田服務公司,提供完整的鉆井、完井和油氣井生產的產品和服務。

  • 外資企業
  • 上海
  • 1000人以上
職位名稱:Sales Manager
公司名稱: 貝克休斯(中國)油田技術服務
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