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Business Development Manager 業務發展經理 國民油井華高(北京)投資管理有限公司 20000-40000 元/月 收藏 投個簡歷
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Business Development Manager 業務發展經理

薪資: 20000-40000 元/月 | 北京-北京-東城區 |5年以上經驗 |本科學歷
五險一金 年終獎金 休假制度 法定節假日
2022-03-16 更新被瀏覽:
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不限到崗 |年齡不限 |婚況不限
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Business Development Manager will have overall responsibility for assigned sales deliverables across southwest Asia – focusing on new business development as well as maximising relationships and revenue within existing customers. As the Business Development Manager you will develop and implement action plans, maximise sales revenue and demonstrate commitment to surpass internal and external customers’ expectations.

Identify & develop new business opportunities, including lead generation, qualifying the needs of potential customers

Effectively qualify opportunities, fully understanding the sales process including conversion to order KPIs

Build and maintain strong business relationships with customers whilst maximising and realising increase in revenue potential

Provide sales leadership throughout the bidding phase by working in conjunction with Proposals and Applications support teams

Full understanding of existing competitive technology and market pressures, identifying areas for product development ensuring NOV is at the forefront of the market

Align NOV’s regional strategy with current and future business strategies of existing and new customers

Create, distribute, and maintain monthly/quarterly accurate sales and activity plans to key stakeholders of the business

Effective management of sales pipeline to ensure accurate revenue forecasting.

Providing regular market intelligence and forecast information for customers

Meet region sales revenue forecasts, KPIs and sales metrics

Understand and communicate our customers buying patterns, providing reactive and proactive customer support with clear, defined and documented follow up plan

Monitor customer issues, feedback, deadlines and deliverables and ensure customer issues are handled effectively and quickly

Ensure proposals meet technical enquiry as per qualification; maintaining communication and follow ups relating to each proposal

Work effectively with other NOV groups within Completions & Production Solutions

Interaction with the customer through communication methods and face to face meetings, to provide effective customer service (e.g. but not limited to, Conference calls, CRM, Bid Clarification, Kick off meetings)

Customer visits, client office based support and intercompany travel throughout area as and when required

Build customer profiles; identifying key decision-makers and buyers

Prepare input to Annual Sales Plan (ASP)

Oversee/manage any commercial changes to an order and communication of the same to the Customer

The collating and issuing of status reports for both internal and external use and holding conference calls, where required

Support other departments and carry out other duties as and when business requirements dictate as may be reasonably expected by line manager.



?      An exceptional ability to understand, evaluate and apply technical information

?      Able to understand the business needs and drivers

?      Delivers solutions and decisions that are effective and constructively impact both NOV and our customer’s organisation


?      Adept at exercising good judgement (sometimes with incomplete information) whilst being constrained by tight deadlines

?      Be willing to provide colleagues with the information they need to complete their tasks and eliminate roadblocks

?      Able to define, work within and improve business processes whilst exercising good judgement based on immediate and future business needs.


?      Energised by tough challenges and provides direction


?      Will be energised by challenges and drawn towards opportunities


?      Confident and professional when representing the company in person and in writing

?      Aspiring and keen to advance within the organisation

?      Is cognizant of organizational culture and politics, and appropriately adjusts personal style to be effective

Personal and Interpersonal

?      Creates a compelling and inspired vision or sense of core purpose and clearly communicates it to internal and external customers

?      Is flexible and adaptable when facing tough calls

?      Imbued with a strong sense of customer focus (internal/external)

?      Firm and diplomatic when negotiating

?      Is known to consistently adhere to ethical principles and expects others to follow suit

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  • 1000人以上
職位名稱:Business Devel
公司名稱: 國民油井華高(北京)投資管理
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